Well, woke up quite early this morning and went to Teluk Likas for a jog. Then, went out to eat. Ate like a whole bowl of Tom Yam. Not to mention the fact I was slightly devastated that my earphones failed to work again. Leaving me scavenging for old earphones or headphones but no avail. 

Then at 10 this morning, went to tuition. Chemistry on a holiday? Great. Well let’s just say it’s way better than on Monday nights because it was more cheerful & awake. Anyways, after that went home. 

Was planning to go to One Borneo shortly after. But the most devastating thing happened (to me). I couldn’t fit any of my jeans. Including all my favourite jeans. My leggings are nowhere to be seen either or my jeggings.

That was the saddest thing ever. I couldn’t fit my jeans. All of them to be much more precised. And the black jeans I bought in London is M.I.A which is getting me pissed because I lose all my favorite clothes. For that, i’m going to set that tomorrow would be “Fay’s spring cleaning day” and overmorrow to be my homework day.

So i’ve played a lot on my ukulele with the guidance of the chord sheet though. I do memorize some chords and it’s been less than a week since I started so i’m proud of that. My baby ukulele. 

Anyways, so it’s basically 12:25 am of the next day but i’m not going to consider it as the next day until I awaken. So, I had a goodnight whatsapp message that made me chuckle and definitely grin my ass off.  I guess it had a tinge of sweetness to it. Ahh it’s the little things in life. 

So, I should probably head off to bed. Need to gain more sleep. Ever since I had Charley Horses, it’s been hell indeed. It hurts so much. Oh and i’ve not been having dreams lately. Well, let’s hope I get sweet dreams tonight indeed.

Btw, spent my night watching child musical prodigies and reading about Malcolm X. Single life well spent indeed. 

Goodnight xx

Love, the girl who talks a lot

Gucci Envy

I’ve realised i’ve been jealous lately. Not such of a good sign of course. What am I supposed to do? Fight till the end or back off now?

Sincerely, the girl who talks a lot